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Daily Archives: March 11, 2011

CL 2010-11, 1/8ths, Part 2

So, the “natural” order of things among the European aristocracy has been upset once again. The rossonerris are out of the competition, ousted by none other than the perennial underachievers and losers from London: Spurs. The proverbial “champions DNA” is apparently rather diluted, which should be no surprise given the recruitment of such regular European absentees as Robinho and Ibra. The Swede’s lackluster performance has only reinforced the sense of consistency of his underwhelming contribution to big European events. He was possibly confused or inadequately incentivised by his club’s vice-president’s objectives: you see, he thought that the triple (tris) was Italian Cup, European Cup Winner’s Cup, and the World Champion Club. Maybe if Galliani is more coherent next time, or – better yet, shuts up completely – they might actually get a little bit further.

Disappointed Ibra

Spurs in the meantime have achieved way more than they hoped for, in particular by progressing further than their arch nemesis Arse rivals. Uncle ‘Arry will be especially pleased with the defensive robustness of his team who thus managed to keep two consecutive clean sheets. Mind you, having had to struggle through a supremely drab Juve-Milan last week-end, I am not so surprised by the outcome: while the rossonerris are very compact in the middle (3 leg breakers: Van Bommel, Gattouze & Highly Flamini) and tight at the back (Nesta & Thiago Silva), up front – and despite the presence of so called bigguns – they are lacking in something, possibly killer instict and/or creativity to find the spaces that make the diff.

In the other game, aspiring sides Schalke 04 & Valencia battled it out, the German club going through comfortably on a 4-2 aggregate scoreline. Raul is now possibly simultaneously relishing & dreading the prospect of a return to his beloved Bernabeu.