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I am not paranoid but (1)…

Prince O from has brought to my attention something of a pattern that has emerged in recent years and that seems to occur in situations when Barça are in difficulty: they get a little helping hand from the ref. Typically this takes the form of a red card against their opponents, which in turn produces not only numerical advantage but also doubt and probably at least some disorganisation in the opponents’ initial game plan. This is the case generally and though I have not trawled through the Liga results, it was certainly true recently against Arsenal, as it was in the final in 2006. But it is especially true in the case of games played by the Catalans against José Mourinho’s teams. It was so in Camp Nou in the 2004-2005 season against a rising Chelsea side coached by the newly anointed Special One, as Drogba saw red on the 56th minute. It happened again last year in the semi-final return game against Inter at the Camp Nou. following some fine acting by Busquets. And it happened once again the Saturday before last at the Bernabeu when Albiol got expelled too.

Another Stark red for the Barça team.

And what do you know? Once again tonight, just as the blaugranas seemed in difficulty at the beginning of the 2nd half, fumbling their passes like their opponents usually do when intimidated by their aura, they got their usual helpful prop to see them on their way to victory as Stark took out the most important man for Real Madrid, Pepe. Interesting coincidence, that: so, I’m not paranoid, but…

One response to “I am not paranoid but (1)…

  1. Paolo Abbate May 2, 2011 at 21:42

    Paranoid or deluded? Raw statistics are never good material for a reasoned analysis. If you had watched and remember all those matches you mention, you will recall that Barcelona totally dominated their opponents with close to 70% possession. This can be very frustrating for teams like Arsenal, Real Madrid etc. who are used to demolishing their opposition. Add to this that Mourinho’s teams tend to play “a la limite du reglement”:Constant fouls, antijeu, intimidatory tackles to key players; and its not surprising that players against Barcelona get sent off. Why don’t you analyze each red card and tell me if they deserved to get sent off or not. Paranoia is exactly what Mou wants to instill in football just like Hitler instilled in Germans in the 30’s. For Hitler there was a judeo-masonic conspiracy against German people; for Mou a conspiracy of Catalonia-UEFA and….. UNICEF(!!!!) against him and Madrid. Nothing like a conspiracy, hate and fear to rile up the troops. Pathetic, dangerous, fascist, hateful, and totally contrary to the spirit of football and to the history of Real Madrid.

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