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Torres revival?

Fitness instructor Fernando

Unlike some of his other EPL contemporaries who are helping themselves to hat-tricks while on tour in far away “exotic” locations, Fernando’s draught is apparently not over. But I think we have identified the cause (probably linked to an obsession developed while under hypnosis in the Benitez boot camp): someone should put an end to his moonlighting on Wii Fit and get him to practice more on the ball.

That might also help Chelsea avoid turning into a bit of an Arsenal and signing on truckloads of untested promising youts who will have to be offloaded to teams like Stoke, Bolton and Newcastle the following season.

We’re off again

This is the start of the new blog of the scribe formerly known as the Yugo Consultant (or Consultant Yugo, in french, to be more precise) – of modest Subfoot fame. This will be the place where we celebrate all worthy events, actions, goals and news from the world of club football, take the odd poke at country/national football, and above all take to task all those footie journos who found guilty or suspected of stereotyping players and/or teams, blatant negativity, indulgence in gossip and similar football media crimes. This will also hopefully (over time) become the archive of all of the articles written on, in French (the majority up to now) or in English.